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Become a Team Project Manager is a free, online, web-based team project management application that you use with your web browser.

The methodology, implementation and interface are kept simple to insure that the focus is on managing projects rather than learning a new system.

You may use completely FREE of any charges. If you are a business and find value from this application, we offer 2 licensing options to assist in furthering our development efforts. Your options are,
  • Click Become a Member and use it FREE.
  • Pay $480 per year (up to 20 users) to have us at iTeamwork to host a private version on your behalf with your own custom web address (such as
  • Pay a one-time fee of $480 to download the software and install on your internal web server.
Review the Purchase Options page to learn more about licensing the iTeamwork Project Management application and pricing for larger than 20 team members.

To learn more, read the complete overview. As a synopsis, once a project is created, tasks are assigned to team members who are solely responsible for that task. Each member can, in turn, convert the task to a sub-project to break it down to more detailed steps or for delegating to an extended team.

An integral part to the system is email notification. Each team member as well as the project manager has great flexibility in controlling the flow of email. The team can receive a list of outstanding and upcoming tasks as often as daily. Project managers can receive notification of task completion as well as other task management duties.

Become an iTeamwork member. It's completely free for everyone to use. We want to hear what you think about iTeamwork. Please use the feedback form to let us know how we are doing.

October 17, 2004    Licensing News

Thank you to all our licensed customers for supporting our efforts. You have discovered that provides a solid foundation for project management that is highly customizable. We have spent many hours in understanding your requirements and making enhancements tailored to your specific business.

As a result of this feedback, we have compiled some important features that will be available to all licensed users. We currently have no plans to enhance the free version in order to provide more value for licensed customers and thus support our development efforts to add even more features. We will keep you posted on this site as to these developments.

January 8, 2003    Project Notes

The ability to add notes to tasks has become a popular feature. With this release, it is now possible to add notes tied to the project. When adding a new project or modifying an existing project, notes can be added. Project notes are intended to be general information that the team can use regardless of task.

This release also includes various bug fixes and broader support for the display of notes. Specifically, in the My Open Tasks and Tasks Assigned to Others views.

October 30, 2002    Project Templates and Inactive Projects has been updated with a couple new features that work hand in hand. Both features are evident when creating new projects. Projects can be created by copying tasks from any other project that you have created or currently manage. Due dates for tasks are computed relative to the due date set for the new project... (more on this item)

June 5, 2002    Task Completed - Notes

iTeamwork has been upgraded to support the ability to add notes to tasks. When adding new tasks, a new area is provided to add a note to the task upon its initial creation. More descriptive text related to the task can be entered there as the first note associated with the task... (more on this item)

April 8, 2002    Task Completed - Percentage Complete

Team members that have been assigned a task can now maintain a percentage completion value to assist project managers with better visibility on a project's status... (more on this item)

March 30, 2002    iTeamwork Offers Hosting Options allows you to use this service free of charge, but now gives you the option to host the software on your own internal web server or have iTeamwork host a private version on our servers. These options have been created based on the feedback of our users as well as the need to create avenues to generate revenue in order to continue making enhancements.

Installing the software on your own web server gives you the ultimate in security. All aspects of managing the server are under your control.

There is no compelling reason to have us host a private version. If you are a business and are realizing benefit from using iTeamwork, we ask that you consider purchasing a license in order to support our efforts. A private version does isolate your data from everyone else and allows you to control when you upgrade.

Click here to find out more, download the software or place your order.

February 18, 2002    Task Completed - View Projects Using Tree Format

You can now view your complete list of projects using a tree view that shows the relationship between projects and sub-projects. This presents a more visual representation of your project hierarchy to provide a better sense of how the complete project is organized and delegated... (more on this item)

February 11, 2002    Task Completed - Manage Team Members has a new, much-requested feature, to manage team members. Managing Team Members will allow you to add team members without having to assign them a task, remove team members, copy a team from one project to another and also have the ability to change various permission settings for each team member... (more on this item)

February 4, 2002    Task Completed - iTeamwork gets a face lift

More than just cosmetics, this "new look" improves on navigation to provide an even more intuitive experience. Generally, the changes were kept to a minimum to create a new software base that will allow for the addition of new features more easily. One minor change, for example, is that the main Projects view separates Active Projects from Completed Projects... (more on this item)

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