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You may use iTeamwork for your project management needs free of charge, but...
iTeamwork offers solutions to host the iTeamwork Project Management Software on your own server or have us host a private version for you.

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Download iTeamwork Software
Download iTeamwork Software for use on your internal Web Server

Please be sure to read the Installation Notes, displayed below, prior to downloading and installing the software.

Select the package based on the target platform on which you intend to run the iTeamwork software. Although the installation can detect and automate selection criteria based on the use of the Apache server, you can run this software on any web server that supports the cgi protocol.

System requirements are minimal. The software itself takes up less than 5 megabytes of disk space. You must have a web server fully installed, configured and running prior to installation. In addition, the software requires that you have outbound email setup and configured to send email notifications.

If you do not see your platform listed, please let us know what you are running and we'll notify you when it is available.

Web server:

Your email address:

Linux Downloads
iTeamwork 2.5 Red Hat 9.0 and above (intel processors) Download
iTeamwork 2.5 Linux (intel and compatible processors)
(includes Red Hat 8.0 and below)
Windows Downloads
iTeamwork 2.4 Windows NT/2000/XP - Apache (intel) Coming Soon
iTeamwork 2.4 Windows NT/2000/XP - IIS (intel) Coming Soon
SCO Downloads
iTeamwork 2.4 SCO Openserver 3.2 v 5.0.x Download
iTeamwork 2.4 SCO Unixware 7.1 Download
Solaris Downloads
iTeamwork 2.4 Solaris 2.x (sparc) Download

Installation Notes
Although the iTeamwork software you download does NOT include any web server software, it is completely self-contained and does not require any other software to be installed other than a web server. It is a requirement prior to installing that your web server be functional and preconfigured to accept the files to run the iTeamwork project management system.

Prior to downloading and installing the iTeamwork project management software, you must prepare your web server so that the files can be copied into the proper location.

For those running the Apache Web Server:

If you are already running one or more web sites using a single configuration file, you'll need to setup a new VirutalHost for iTeamwork. Here is an example configuration:

  DocumentRoot /var/www/iteamwork/htdocs
  ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /var/www/iteamwork/cgi-bin/

Your particular configuration will have a different IP address and ServerName. For installation purposes, the iTeamwork software requires a DocumentRoot and ScriptAlias to be defined. The defined paths for these two entries are the only locations where files are copied.

If you are NOT running the Apache Web Server:

Your web server must be configured to run iTeamwork to setup a document root as well as a path for cgi scripts or programs to be executed. The installation will prompt for these values in order to copy the files to their proper locations.

The only other value that is required during installation is the name of the group that the web user belongs to. This is required in order to set proper permissions. The installation software will prompt for this value if it cannot be determined by scanning your web server configuration file.


Follow these steps to install the iTeamwork project management software onto your web server system.

  1. You should be logged in as the user that has permission to read the web configuration file, make directories in the paths setup for the iTeamwork web site and copy files into those locations.
  2. Copy the downloaded file iteamwork-2.4.tar to the /tmp directory. The filename of your download may be slightly different and might include the platform name such as iteamwork-2.4.linux.tar.gz.
  3. Change your directory to the /tmp directory.
  4. Extract the tar archive using the command:
    tar xf iteamwork-2.4.tar
  5. Change your directory to the directory created by the tar extraction:
    cd iteamwork-2.4
  6. Execute the installation program using the command:
  7. Follow the directions and provide the requested information to complete the installation.
At this point, the iTeamwork software has been copied into their proper locations and should be accessible from your web browser.

Using your web browser, enter the web address that you have configured for iTeamwork and you should receive a web page indicating that the iTeamwork Server Software is not licensed.

If you have purchased a license to run iTeamwork, you would have received a license code via email that needs to be entered by the admin user. The admin username and password are also included in the return email. If you have not purchased a license, you will need to do so now to proceed.

As part of the purchase process, you received your admin username, admin password and license activation code. From the web page displayed in your browser enter the admin user name and password and click the Login button. This action will result in the admin page being displayed. Enter all of the information requested including the license code and click the Submit button.

At this point, the software is fully functional for the number of users that you have been licensed for.

Thank you for your support.


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