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iTeamwork Privacy Statement
General is a team-oriented web-based project management system. Maintaining the highest level of security for your information is our top priority. Such as a system would not be possible if privacy and security were not our most important concern. The following statement provides information on how we collect information, what kind of information we request and what we do with that information to insure the highest levels of security and privacy.

Information you provide is a project management web application and, as such, is used by an individual to enter projects, tasks and other related information. The only data required to be entered into the iTeamwork system is data that enhance and support the project management function. will not request data that is for purposes other than team project management.

Any information deemed or interpreted as personal data requested by will be clearly marked as optional. The only information deemed or interpreted as personal data required by is intended for the expressed use and functionality of the application.

The required data requested in order to become a member of is for the sole purpose of managing projects and tasks and to create your unique identity. Optional data requested is strictly used to help us understand who uses and how we can better serve our users. All data collected by will never be given, sold or transferred to an entity outside of without the expressed consent given by you.

What we do with your information

The optional information requested at time of membership signup is strictly for our internal use only to help target new customers in our marketing efforts. Under no circumstances will this information be given to anyone else unless expressed permission is given by you.

Project and task data is kept on our severs strictly to support the functionality of the application. Under no circumstances is this data made available to anyone outside of

Access to your information

The only people who have access to this data are iTeamwork support technicians. The only reason that anyone would have cause or reason to access this sensitive data is under the implied permission to investigate problems reported by you or potential problems discovered internally.


Cookies refer to a browser capability to allow servers to store data locally on your computer. There are very strict limits to the size and accessibility to cookies. For example, they are only accessible to the site that created them. Cookies are used by this site to store information that saves the state of the current project or current task or current view in use. The actual information stored in the cookie is not discernable by anyone looking at the data. No personal information, passwords, etc. are stored in the cookies used by this site.

Providing information to others

Web statistics collected via site activity is strictly used to diagnose problems with our server, to assist in administrating our site and for internal marketing use only. As such, statistics are only viewed as a whole and never on an individual basis, unless it is necessary to determine a specific problem requested by the user.

Securing your information offers the option of using the site with full 128-bit SSL encryption. From the home page, click the icon or link that is identified as providing secure transmission. For the duration of your activity, all data transmitted between our servers and your computer will be fully encrypted.

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If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this statement, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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